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Five Hot College Major Paths for Ex-Military Personnel

August 27, 2012

The military trains people for a variety of different professions, including information technology or even criminal justice degrees. Those who leave the service have a vast amount of experience that can translate into a variety of education paths and careers. Going to college can also be much easier if you can gain college credits for your experience and training in the military. No matter what branch you enlisted in, you can use your job in the military to gain a better future once you start college. These are five popular collegiate paths that have brought incredible success to other military personnel.

Information Technology Specialist

Those who were in the military know how to use some of the most advanced technology around the world. That experience can become hands on training which prepares you for a degree in this field. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Computer scientists and database administrators are e expected to be among the fastest growing occupations through 2014." Getting a degree in this field means enjoying monumental success when combined with hands-on training and being able to get into a specialist position. Look for IT majors that interest you and pick one with a clear path towards a specialist job.

Law Enforcement

Coming from the military, going into the police force can be an easy transition, as many who serve as police officers, investigators, crime lab techs and other criminal justice majors, also used to be in the military. Criminal justice degrees really give military personnel an advantage when you have a desire to serve your country and community, protecting those around you as well as their rights. As a career, law enforcement has a lot of promise and benefits. Military experience also helps a great deal when studying the concepts of criminal justice or forensic science. Veterans are also getting a lot of hiring perks from police departments as there are incentives for employers to hire former military personnel.

Science or Math Teacher

Earning a degree for education can lead to a myriad of great professions. In addition, you don't have to simply earn a degree in education to go into teaching. Science and economics degrees create incredible paths for teachers at the high school and college level. In addition, military personnel are trained to be leaders, performing crowd control and also teaching others when necessary. Working as a teacher has some great perks as well. Vacation time lasts a few weeks to a few months in the summer, and you can earn extra income with tutoring or teaching online.


It's true that veterans are some of the most enterprising business-minded people. Going into entrepreneurism is a big step, and getting a business or marketing degree with a focus in entrepreneurship can really help a fledgling business owner. According to SCORE, almost 1 in 4 veterans will buy or launch a new business or has often thought of doing so. Ex-military members often see themselves working on their own and starting their own franchise, rather than working for someone else. A business degree can certainly provide the stepping stones to understanding the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Civilian Public Service

Protecting the innocent and community at large is just one of the main principals that you learn through military service. People who leave the military often want to go right into federal jobs as public servants. Political science, business, criminal justice, legal studies and economics are just some of the degrees that lead to valuable careers as policymakers, judges, lawyers, social workers, or analysts who work either in Washington D.C. or at the state level.

Find Post-Military Education

Many schools set up entire veterans communities with transition assistance, tutoring, prep courses and stable support system. Finding a college that provides services for veterans is simple.

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