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New Reports Suggest Dropping Unemployment for Vets

March 15, 2012

Unemployed veterans have often been at the bottom of the line for getting jobs. The changes to the G.I. Bill, increased prerogatives for military education and degrees, and more focus on training cadets for civilian life has led to better opportunities for veterans. Recently, these multiple reforms have sought to create more jobs for the veteran workforce. It has led to a better transition into civilian life for military service members, and veterans have found lifelong careers using their military experience and education. Articles in Stars and Stripes and Navy Times looked at the unemployment rate and recent fluctuations, estimating that the percentages show a positive turn for veterans in the job market.

Stars and Stripes reported that the unemployment rate dropped to 7 percent in February, which was its lowest since rates in December 2008. The new jobs for post-9/11 veterans can attribute to these positive numbers. Veterans actually have a better employment future than the rest of the country, as the national unemployment rate was at 8.3 percent last month. The numbers are inspiring to many vets who have been struggling with the economy since its original collapse. has always followed the progression of veteran jobs, offering resources, and hoping that service members can earn a degree from the right school and find a job that truly fits their skills.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.9 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are in private sector jobs, which increased by 220,000 since the end of last year. That number only grew to 223,000 from the month before. However, Navy Times isn't celebrating just yet, stating "One reason to suspect a statistical blip is that the unemployment rate for female veterans separated from the service since 2011 has been in the double digits for several months, more than twice the jobless rate for men of the same generation. In the February report, the jobless rate for recent female veterans fell from 17.3 percent in January to 7.4 percent in February, putting the women's rate slightly below the rate for men."

In addition, lawmakers are also in support of the Veterans Skills to Jobs Act, which would require federal agencies to treat relevant military training as the same as federal licensing and certification requirements. The law would make it easier for veterans to transition into and use military training for vocational programs that require licensing. The changes would make it easier for active duty service members to transition with a degree into a career, and it would make things simpler for getting veterans the licensing that they need for certain technical jobs. Hand in hand, recent news and statistics continue to show a vast improvement for veterans and employment. In comparison to previous year, there's no better time than now for veterans to pursue an education and create a successful career.


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