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Post-Grad Opportunities for Naval Officers

March 14, 2012

There are many degree programs offered through the Navy, including programs that go beyond baccalaureate level. If you are looking for advanced opportunities in 2012, there are over 70 graduate degree programs offered at civilian and military institutions that range from electrical engineering to Department of Defense financial management degrees. While most of the graduate degrees are offered through the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, you can find various beneficial programs through online schools, traditional public schools and private institutions.

Officers who want to get a graduate education should research some of the military degrees being offered before choosing a program. You can use's search features and categories to get started, including degrees at the master and doctorate level. You also have to consider the degrees necessary to get into post-graduate programs. There are different paths for every officer, but the military does make it easy to transfer military experience into college credits, earn credits while in active duty and use your G.I. Bill to get multiple degrees. Many Naval officers have found that they can reach their academic goals and create specialties that make them a valuable asset to many industries once graduated.

Graduate education has to also meet the program admission requirements. For NPS, students have to have a qualifying Academic Profile Code (APC). Advanced education opportunities are very competitive and with many applications, it's important that you have a higher APC. If you do meet these requirements and find the right degree program, there are several opportunities offered by the Navy for post-graduate degrees.

  • Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California: With a long history of excellence, NPS is an accredited research university with both master's and doctoral degrees.
  • Naval War College in Newport, RI: The NWC is an education and research institution that provides master's degree along with its Professional Military Education (PME) program of study.
  • Olmsted Scholarship Program: This is a full-time master's degree program for selected unrestricted line (URL) and Information Warfare Officers, and Intelligence Officers. The award provides two years of full-time graduate study using a foreign language and leads to a degree from a foreign university.
  • Naval Academy GET Program: GET or Graduate Education and Teaching Program offers selected URL officers with a full year of full0time graduate education at certain civilian institutions directly followed by two-academic-year teaching assignments at the Naval Academy as officer instructors.
  • Executive Master of Business Administration Distance Learning Degree Program: The Naval Postgraduate School offers this program at selected location. You can find more about this program by checking out the complete list.

Graduate degrees lead to higher careers and hold their value much longer than a bachelor's degree. If you are currently working on getting a bachelor's degree while in naval service or as a veteran, you should consider the opportunities offered to you in graduate school as well. Your outstanding academic performance get earn an award to continue your research and find an even more opportunities in the job market once you graduate.

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