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Readmitting After Absence from College

March 1, 2012

When you are on active duty or if you are a member of the National Guard or Reserve, then you often have scheduling conflicts with college. Whether something calls you away from school for a long period of time or you have an abundance of absences that pile up over time, you can quickly find yourself at odds with college, even taking a break. A new law was enacted in 2010 that allowed service members to resume their education programs right where they left them, even if they were in the National Guard or Reserve who had volunteered for an extended period of time. Under the new law, students received several rights.

For one, students are able to return to the same program in which they were last partaking in by the institution or a similar program if that program was removed from the school. This means that you will always have a spot at the institution, in whatever program even if it is a small program or achievement-based program.

You can also keep the number of credit hours that you previously completed at the institution unless the student has been readmitted to a different program that does not use the credit hours or those hours are not transferable to the new program.

You also return to the same academic standing, so you are not on some kind of probation once you enter, unless that was how you left the program. So if you were struggling before in your classes, you will have to pick up your performance in order to upgrade your status and keep federal financial aid.

Tuition costs go up all the time, but no matter what, once you are readmitted, you will pay the same tuition price that you had when you left. You will maintain the same rates in fees as well before you left, unless that difference can be covered by G.I. Bill or military tuition assistance payment rates.

If the program proves difficult upon return, the new also stipulates that the school must provide support for the student to get him back up to speed in the program. The efforts must be “reasonable,” including free refresher courses, allowing student to retake pretests at no extra costs. Schools are also not required to readmit the student if the student is still not prepared after taking these refresher courses.

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