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Should You Attend the 2012 CCME Conference

February 8, 2012

There are various policies and legislation that regulate the education for military service members and veterans. For that reason, it's important to understand what these programs can do for a military service member and how to become a part of the changes that are taking place to the G.I. Bill. Members of organizations like Council of College and Military Education (CCME) partnered with the National Association of Veterans Program Administrators (NAVPA) and Western Association of Veterans Education Specialists (WAVES) have even more insight on the issues facing military education.

For that reason, the regional and national symposium and conference coming up have greater importance to the attendees because they will have a chance to talk to government officials, experts and fellow educators who specialize in helping military and veteran students. That's an important cause for many military service members who are coming back after active duty. The transition into civilian job force is one of the common problems among military personnel. The conference aims to eliminate those challenges and answer questions facing America's military veterans and service members.

The event will have multiple benefits for those who attend. The event will be held on February 12th to the 16th at the CCME Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The event will feature a few things such as featured speakers like Robert L. Gordon III and Carolyn Baker (Chief, Department of Defense Continuing Education Programs) and others who represent military education interests.

There will also be more than 50 concurrent sessions and workshops that cover all the issues impacting military and veteran students today. Another 100 or more exhibitors will also be at the event to cover the full scope of military education field. Others will take advantage of multiple networking and learning opportunities including a banquet and awards ceremony held at Universal Studies Orlando.

The CCME event is held annually and aims to give attendees the opportunities to talk about all sorts of education issues within the military. There will be multiple representatives from Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges, American Council on Education, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services and Student Veterans of America. Those who are currently seeking education or who just recently came back should attend the event to talk to these important decision makers and leaders within the military education opportunity. It may be the only chance to talk to those who do make the real decisions regarding education and fields of interest that can change how policies and legislation affect military workers, whether veterans or active duty.

You should go also if you represent an institution of higher learning or a training program that attracts military students. If you are an elected official and want to serve veterans, you can learn more about how to do so and talk to those who are making the decisions on education. You can also advocate for military education by attending the events and showing your support.

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