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Tips on Obtaining Your Degree While in the Military

December 7, 2012

When you're in the military, obtaining your degree might seem to difficult but actually it is very possible. With the right effort, attitude, and research you can have an associate's bachelor's or graduate degree even while on active duty. The following tips offer you insight and guidance into the best way to prepare for your future through college courses, and advice on being flexible and balancing your college courses and military duties.

Choose your Educational Options

The first thing you should do is explore your different options. While on active duty, it helps to find a school that can be flexible and offer alternative scheduling options. This may include classes offered online, weekends, or nights. You might not be able to attend classes in the morning or during the week so it helps to first look for local colleges offering these schedules. If you want to attend college online, it will be the most flexible choice and gives you more colleges to choose form since you aren't required to choose a college within driving distance.

Set Your Educational Goals

Next you should decide on a goal for your educational future. This includes deciding a type of major and level of degree, such as a bachelor's in business or a master's degree in nursing. No matter what you choose, your educational goals should align with the college opportunities set forth for you, be attainable, and provide you with a solid future. Your educational goals will also determine your next steps, such as which college to apply to, how long you will be in school, if online classes are an option, and what type of financial assistance you will need.

Become Organized

When you're on active duty in the military but also focusing on your college education, it becomes a balancing act. It can seem intimidating at first but as long as you give it the proper amount of focus and determination, and are organized, it is very doable. You will need to organize your school and work schedules and other commitments you have. Get support from friends and family, such as getting help with child care on the nights when you need to attend classes. Organize every hour of your day and night in order to give sufficient time to your education.

Make Education a Priority

Don't put your college education on the backburner just becomes it seems to difficult or you think you don't have enough time. There are always opportunities for growth if you're willing to put in the effort to achieve your goals.

Find Post-Military Education

Many schools set up entire veterans communities with transition assistance, tutoring, prep courses and stable support system. Finding a college that provides services for veterans is simple.

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