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Tuition Assistance for National Guard Members

July 4, 2012

Military service members are given a chance at an education after service through the GI Bill and other tuition programs, such as Tuition Assistance (TA). National Guard members in any branch are entitled to the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance. However, the different amounts and benefits depend on which branch of the military that you signed up for. Some states also have different additional benefits for National Guard members. It's important to understand which National Guard program is the best as well as what kind of tuition assistance you can receive.

Army National Guard

The Army National Guard offers federal tuition assistance to those who just work part-time in the National Guard as a soldier. Some of the benefits pay for full tuition at a college or up to $250 per semester credit hour, in addition to payment of school fees up to $500 and full payment of a program to get high school equivalency. Soldiers can use this money for various types of degrees, including associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs. You can also use this tuition assistance only with MGIB and Pell Grants. However, you have to be enrolled in a public, private college or university, technical or trade school that is accredited. You also have to remain an ARNG member during your course terms, which means that you may be called away.

Air National Guard

Like the Army National Guard, you can use tuition assistance as long as you remember a member of the Air National Guard and you attend an accredited post-secondary institution or trade school. The Air National Guard offers up to $250 per credit hour not to exceed $4,500 per year. You can also use credit by examination. Tuition can be used for distance learning or online courses. You can use tuition assistance for all types of degrees, including associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Benefits by State

There are also some benefits by state for National Guard members. For example in Alabama, National Guard members receive tuition reimbursement up to $500 per semester. You can also receive full tuition at some state schools, including California's universities.

Other Scholarships for National Guard

In addition to tuition assistance, there are other scholarships available for Army National Guard, like the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty scholarship for full time Reserve Officers' Training Corps students. You receive a $400 a month stipend, in addition to school fees paid and two years of tuition assistance. There's also the Dedicated Army National Guard scholarship for full time students who are earning a degree from accredited post-secondary institutions. You receive two years of tuition assistance, $1,200 for books and a monthly stipend.

Find Post-Military Education

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