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Why Distance Learning is Ideal for Military Students

July 18, 2012

Transitioning into civilian life is one of the most difficult parts of a veteran's life. Many employers are looking for new hires with experience and qualifications, which means a higher education. If you've spent years of your life in the military when you could have gone to college, then you know how frustrating it can be to possess the skill and experience but to not have the right education for a job. That's why online schools and distance learning courses have become the number one way that active military students are able to get ahead before they finish their military service.

Military students need to have some balance between education and duty. Their schedules are incredibly rigorous and usually leave no room for traditional school. There also may be months at a time when school just isn't a possibility. Moving from location to location, online schools can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection, which is incredibly convenient for military service members.

A survey from the Distance Education and Training Council found that 70 percent of corporate supervisors rated degrees earned through alternative education sources, like online coursework, as equal to campus-based degrees.

"Our online courses are taught by the same professors as our on-campus programs,' said Gary Carr, the Director of eLearning student services management at the University of Toledo, which has 44 academic programs available for completion online.

In addition, it's important that military service members stay competitive and continue their education throughout their military career to stay up with the job market when they finally do finish with active service. Finishing a degree while in the military can give serious advantages to someone who wants to pursue a particular career or who wants to go to graduate school. It's mostly about being able to move on with life as soon as you finish serving your country.

One of the biggest challenges to military students is choosing an online program to dedicate free time towards. That's not always easy considering that free time is a precious commodity not easily earned while in service. Online courses also require a lot of attention, including active participation when the study is available, but the technology has grown vastly to provide a better experience for both teachers and students.

With the right online school and program, military students can become degree earners well before they leave military service. It's an achievement that doesn't have to come with a price and can be easily achieved if you are motivated enough.

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