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Can Your State Offer More Financial Aid

February 7, 2012

Veterans have a lot more opportunities for aid because of their military status. Education benefits for veterans’ families are also available. If your family has also experienced a tragedy, such as a deceased service member, POW, MIA or handicap as a result of serving, families can receive even more aid. Most states will have specific programs available for you to get more out of your college and help pay off your tuition bills.


Alabama has the Dependents Scholarship Program for GI Dependents. A child is eligible to receive aid if a parent died in the line of duty, became MIA, died from service connected disability, living and rated 20 percent to 100 percent disabled to something that had happened in service, is deceased but had 20 percent to 100 percent at time of death, or was a POW.

You can get multiple education benefits in Florida, including Education for Children of Deceased or Disabled Florida Veterans. You can get aid if your parent died in action or had a service-connected disability. You may also be eligible for tuition deferment and reduced tuition if you served in the National Guard. Active guards in good standing receive one-half of their payment for tuition and college fees.

Many other states in the southeast region make provisions for financial student aid. You can do a quick search to find out what each state has to offer where you live. You can find multiple programs with all kinds of benefits.


New York offers multiple assistance programs. The Regents Award for children of veterans gives aids to those with a parent who died in service, or has a 40 percent or more disability, or who was a POW or MIA as a result of service. Candidates must also legally be a NY resident at the time of application. You can get $450 per year for all eligible candidates up to five years. Veteran tuition awards and Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP) are also available for children of military members.

Programs in Pennsylvania are designed to help veterans go to school and get help for their spouses and dependents. The Educational Gratuity Program provides for families who suffered a loss of a parent in the line of service, suffered a disabling injury, received an honorable discharge from the military and served during established war service dates that are determined by the VA department. National Guard members in PA also get support.

Every state has a program for aid in the Northeast. You can find out more by looking into aid programs through the VA for your state. Veteran groups in your state may also be able to provide aid or free training.


Illinois provides education opportunities for children who are 10 to 18 years of age. Financial aid is given out annually to any child who had a family member who died in World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam Conflicts. You may also take advantage of the MIA or POW scholarship. Dependents of a veteran who has been declared a POW, MIA or permanently disabled from service-connected causes with 100 percent disability are also eligible to receive aid. Veterans’ Grant is another program that pays tuition and certain fees to Illinois state supported colleges and universities.

Texas also has various programs for veterans getting an education. Tuition waivers are available for veterans who were honorably discharged who served at least 180 days of active duty military service. Dependents of MIA and POWs may also receive assistance. Children of Deceased Veterans receive tuition and fees for public colleges and universities through this program. Orphans of National Guard and Texas Air National Guard are also eligible for payment of tuition and fees at public universities and colleges.


Military families in Arizona are also eligible for tuition assistance. Any veteran or eligible dependent under the G.I. Bill can get aid to attend a state-supported community college, university or college. The tuition may be deferred and fees and payments for books may also be deferred for 120 days.

Colorado families receive multiple tuition assistance programs for military veterans. Any member of the Colorado National Guard can receive aid. Military vets of the National Guard can receive up to 100 percent of tuition assistance. State funding can also be used in addition to Federal Tuition Assistance program. For children, programs are available for military parents that became MIA, POW or disabled in the line of duty, or if the parent died in service.

California offers so many benefits for veterans. Whether a child, spouse, or unmarried surviving spouse may receive tuition and fee waivers if a military spouse became disabled or deceased during the line of duty. Students must have a parent who was disabled with 0 percent or more disabled, or have a spouse who was deceased became of the service. The child must be earning less than $10,787 a year. There is no income limit for a spouse or children of S/C deceased or 100 percent S/C veterans.

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