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Finding the Right Vocational Training

February 17, 2012

A technical school or vocational program can place you in a specific job, working with the kind of technology that you like and learning more with on-the-job experience. Even right out of the military, there are specific job skills that you have to master through these programs, but they are typically shorter than a degree program, and yet they allow you to quickly transition into a position into a variety of fields. There are some other great benefits to going to vocational school and becoming certified.

When you become certified, you study in a VET (vocational education and training) program. The school is designed to teach you for jobs that require specific skills. They relate completely to a trade, occupation or vocation. Technical education is the same thing, though you may develop more expert skills and techniques that are required for a procedural education. The major benefit of this is that you directly train for a job and go into a field right when are finished with training. Most graduates from a certification program will work in information technology, tourism, carpentry, healthcare and other cottage industries.

There are various types of vocational training that actually take credits straight from your military experience. If you already worked as an electrical engineer in the military, then your skills would translate into a skilled electrician or even contractor with the necessary education. Even if you wanted to work in a different field altogether, certificates offer a much shorter education period and enable you to get into a job quickly. You also gain a lot of hands-on experience, which can allow you to understand your field better.

If you wanted to go to a traditional college later, you can still transfer your credits from most vocational schools to your university. It all depends on the type of education that you received, but as some vocational schools still require that you pass general education courses, you can use these to your advantage when you want to get a degree in the future. Through online school, you can even finish vocational school and earn a degree online, which can boost your career even more. It all depends on how motivated and aggressive you are with your goal. Whether you want to be a certified technician or a graduate, vocational school is a chosen path for many active duty and veteran military.

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