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New DoD Online Tool for College Prep

August 10, 2012

For many years, veterans have petitioned to get better tools that accurately prepare them for college and going back into civilian life. While much of that has been ignored or not answered appropriately, the Department of Defense released a new online tool that will now help veterans and military students prepare in a better way for college. There are some other programs such as Veterans Upward Bound and VetSuccess that have also contributed to educating veterans by building academic and skills. However, they have only assisted veterans in local areas. The new online tool would support way more than that.

Through a partnership with Peterson's education services, the DoD has made it possible for service members, including retirees, Reserve and Guard) and their families can access the online tool, which will allow them to work on academic skills and prepare for important exams necessary for college, such as the CLEP, ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT.

Peterson's website is known for producing other online education tools. The Online Academic Skills Course for Military Success was created for those who need to build upon reading comprehension, math skills and vocabulary in order to do well on these exams but also to excel in civilian jobs.

Active duty military can actually access the new DoD tool through Service portals, but regardless of active status, anyone from the military and their families can sign up for this service. In addition, the DoD Library website provides printable sample tests, resources, articles, study guides and related links to help with different examinations.

As the DoD progresses forward, the hope is that more tools will become available for military and their families to take advantage and excel in school. The fact that the tool was developed attests to the changing attitudes within the military towards finding a place for veterans once their service is finished. With more online tools, programs can have more success reaching veterans who need help and don't have a place to go to.

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