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New Series:’s Guide to Picking Online Schools

July 17, 2012

In the weeks following President Obama's speech, much has changed in the educational community. also joined the effort to protect military students by taking an inventory of its partners and eliminating those educational partners who were currently or had aggressively marketed to military students in the past. Now, as further commitment to military students, this new series will discuss some of the top questions from military students who navigating the waters of college education. First up is a guide to picking online schools. In order to get a degree on active duty, as a reserve member or veteran, online school has become one of the top choices. Which schools are just after your money and which ones will actually deliver on promises? Check out these tips for finding some top online schools for whatever degree interests you.

Learning About Accreditation

If you do a search for a degree in Google, you'll get tons of schools that recommend degrees based on your input. The difference between the caliber of schools is the accreditation. The schools which have an accreditation posted in their "about" or "history" section are going to offer the professional degrees that you'll need to get hired once you graduate. In addition, you can use tools such as the accredited schools list from the U.S. Department of Education to find schools with online programs that are accredited and accepted at employers or if you ever want to transfer credits to another university.

Looking for Bad Behavior

As good as it sounds, there aren't too many bachelor degrees that you can finish in a week. You're just paying for a piece of paper that won't really impress any employers. If you don't put in the time for a degree, you still won't get the respect that you need to land a job or even transfer credits for a master's degree. Some of these schools will specifically look for GI bill benefits and cater towards military students with "special programs." You also want to steer clear of these marketing ploys. Any school with a special program for military students will still have to be accredited, have two-year and four-year programs, and supply you with a course list, faculty information and student satisfaction ratings.

Find Schools with Benefits

There are also many schools that cater to veterans and have military communities with departments made to help military students make the transition into college. These are ideal schools for students who are just returning to the education atmosphere after a tour or just haven't been in college before. In addition, you can find the top online schools and degree programs through which ranked all of the online programs in the U.S. and provided rankings based on student satisfaction, accreditation, selectivity and faculty professionalism.

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