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3 Plans for College Success

February 7, 2012

There's some things that you have to plan ahead in college. Things like your major and financial aid take time and effort to plan. There are challenges for military students when trying to make a collegiate plan. For one, how do you plan around active duty? Through a combination of online courses, distance learning schools and education credits, you can still earn a degree even while on duty. There are a few things as a veteran that you can do to make sure that you have greater success.

1. Picking a Goal

When veterans start college, they are thinking about all of the benefits from the G.I. Bill. However, if you rush a degree, then you may not use your benefits wisely. In fact, you could end up wasting a lot of money. You should focus on what degree will enhance your training and give you more job opportunities. The G.I. Bill payment process can provide some obstacles. Going for a degree that gives you the most job potential such as vocational training or a shorter degree program through an online school, offers you the most for your money.

2. Planning for Financial Issues

Vets often leave school because of challenges, such as financial burdens. Late G.I. Bill payments are often the problem with going to college. You have to provide for the first week of the semester when tuition is due, as well as book costs and living expenses. You can create an emergency fund for moments like this. You can also get federal student aid to help with these issues.

3. Asking for Help

You should have a lot of questions about the college process. There are various forms and aid programs that can seriously help veterans, including how to get credits from military experience. You also want to stay communicative with your professor, academic advisor, veterans' program administrator, and the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Many of these people have experienced your same issues and understand how to help you.

Education success is dependent on how courageous and determined you are. Transitioning into the civilian workforce requires the same personalities. You shouldn't let anything hold you back from being a successful graduate.

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