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Top Five Degrees for Military Spouse

October 31, 2012

Military personnel are not the only military individuals who may be seeking a degree. Military spouses actually make up a large portion of the military degree seekers. If you are a military spouse or if you are considering a degree while your husband or wife is deployed, here are a few of the top degrees for military spouses.

Medical Billing

The medical billing field is always looking for qualified individuals to fill hospital and doctors office staff positions. Medical billing training consists of several months, usually around 6 to 8, of intense training on how to bill for different insurance companies. Students will learn about the various insurance programs, how to enter medical billing information into hospital databases and how to bill individuals as well as the insurance company for various treatments.

Medical Coding

Medical Coders are also in high demand since their jobs go hand in hand with medical billing. A medical coder is trained over the course of six months to one in year in various types of treatments and treatment options. When a patient sees a doctor they may have three to six different treatments completed. Blood work, x-rays, shots and diagnosis are all coded with different numbers. These numbers coincide with how the insurance company or individual is billed.

Medical Transcription

The reason that so many medical areas are popular with military spouses is due to the large number of jobs that are available as work from home positions. Medical transcription is one of the most popular. Medical transcription requires knowledge of how to transcribe, listen for and dictate different doctors' notes to be placed into medical files for patients. These documents are important due to their connection to medical billing, coding and the overall insurance and care process. The training for a medical transcriptionist can last six months to two years.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a certified virtual assistant is something that is a new concept for many students. The truth is that a virtual assistant can find work with various clients and can work from home. A virtual assistant performs data entry, billing, dictation, customer service and other services for clients on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis.


Internet marketing is a popular choice for college students and military spouses who want to work from home and market their own business online or market others businesses. This field is wide open with expanding opportunities in social media, blogging and radio broadcasting.

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