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Top Five Military Degrees

October 30, 2012

There are several hundreds types of military degrees with subtypes and minors. This makes the choice for many military minded individuals and military personnel attending college a bit difficult. Even if a student knows what type of military degree they want they may still be faced with what time of minor or what concentration within that degree they would like to study. Here are five of the top military degrees to help narrow down the choices.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is a choice that many military personnel make when attending college. The chances for finding a job are increased and the types of jobs available for criminal justice majors are far reaching. A criminal justice major with a Bachelor's in the field can obtain work in county jails, prisons, as case workers, in juvenile parole and probation and in various aspects of probation and security. The job possibilities are endless and with combined military experience the chances for employment increase greatly.


There are a variety of security degrees available that fit in with the military lifestyle and training of the modern military. Internet security, building security and even financial security are all military degrees available both online and in traditional classroom environments. Individuals with a degree in security can generally find work and internships with large companies such as ADT.


A popular degree with military college students is counseling. As with other degree programs there are a variety of fields within counseling that a college student may choose to focus on. Some of the more popular field choices tend to be with juvenile counseling, child psychology and with spiritual counseling.

Physical Fitness Training

Many military college students have found that a degree in physical therapy, physical fitness or training is a perfect fit for their active lifestyle. Individuals with a degree in physical education or training can open their own gyms, their own personal training business or can become employed with various clinics as nutrition and fitness experts.


Military college students with training in the medical field may choose to major in Paramedic Medicine or obtain training in EMS. Jobs are available throughout the country for well trained individuals with medical experience and backgrounds in emergency management. They are employed not only by hospitals and ambulance services but also by private organizations and police departments.

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