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What Army TAP Changes Mean For You

February 8, 2012

In the recent changes to TAP, soldiers will notice that now you have to begin transition at least a year before leaving by scheduling a pre-separation counseling session. In preparation for the new changes, you can schedule a session with the Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) Center. There is also a new number for transition assistance (1-800-325-4715). The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use the virtual ACAP center online to also answer any questions and get help.

Army civilian employees who are leaving because of a base closure or realignment or if you are National Guard or Reserve soldier, then you can also use ACAP separation services. The changes were meant to help transition assistant, creating more services and ways to connect to military personnel. Military officials suggest that transition programs do offer a lot of benefits, but that they can “do better.”

The changes are due in part to a study conducted at West Point two years ago. The U.S. Military Academy Transition Study sent an estimated 24 scholars, NCOs and officers in the Army to speak with transition counselors. Soldiers who were also planning to separate were a part of the study. The results showed that that ACAP provided good benefits but that they didn’t have enough time to attend.

Military officials also understand that the more commanders get involved, the more that soldiers are able to have more success. That was the gist of EXORD, the name for the changes being made to Army TAP. The changes would also synchronize the requirements with the unit mission, exercises and operations.

From resume-writing assistance to employment workshops, those preparing for separation will have a lot of new tools to prepare them for the workforce and a new career after the military. About 135,000 soldiers leave the Army every year in order to pursue a civilian lifestyle, although some are simply leaving because of a base closure. Military officials hope that the new changes will benefit the soldiers leaving and offer new perspective for those who are wishing to transition properly.

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